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Program Leader (Leadership Development-STP) in Piramal Foundation

Organisation: Piramal Foundation For Education Leadership

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Location: Jharkhand, Odisha, Assam

Job Location will be in any of these states: Gujarat, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, Haryana, J&K, Jharkhand, Orissa and Assam

Program Overview:

Kaivalya Education Foundation (KEF) & Piramal Foundation for Education Leadership (PFEL) is a change management organisation that supports Public Education System Leaders in improving the learning levels of students by enabling people and embedding technology.

KEF/PFEL was founded with the objective of strengthening the public education system of the country by transforming the new generation of leaders in education. KEF/PFEL’s goal is to gain expertise in leveraging multi-level partnership with state governments to catalyse the turn-around of failing schools.

The State Transformation Program (STP) primarily focuses on improving the state’s way of functioning to improve the quality of elementary education of a state by building accountability by focusing on learning outcomes, improving organisation behaviour by establishing a culture of collaboration and re-engineering processes by introducing robust information system and revamping people selection and its development process.

The interventions under this program will result in: –

  • Strong leadership capabilities amongst state and district education officers
  • Alignment amongst key stakeholders
  • Accountable academic monitoring and outcome based review
  • Efficient processes for timely delivery of child-related services

Position Overview:

Are you an individual who is eager to bring systemic solutions to cause large scale impact in India’s education

If yes, read on…

We are looking for young leaders who can cause organisational development by bringing best talent and enable high performing environment for the Education Department of the State. He/She will execute selection and onboarding processes of Master Coaches/Master Facilitators to influence organisational behaviour in government system. The position requires the PL to create ecosystem for attracting best talent, conduct screening and selection of middle managers. The PL will be a part of state operations team and work closely with Centre of Excellence Team.

This position will give you the space to hone your entrepreneurial abilities to transform India’s education system and create the next generation leaders. Through facilitating and managing relationships with government stakeholders, and product creation, the challenging and fast-paced work environment will provide you with an opportunity to cause Sustainable Systemic Change in the public education system.

You will be reporting to the Program Manager and will be responsible for ensuring effective implementation of the State Transformation Program to ensure growth and leadership development of your-self, Peers and Govt officials.

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Execute Change
    • Operationalise selection, on boarding and performance management process to enable career development of District Education officials/ Master Facilitators and Master coaches
    • Align stakeholder’s expectations for strategic change initiatives and identify best suited cadre to source thebest leadership talent
    • Understand and implement strategy for the facilitating the change and enabling Govt stakeholders for its adoption
    • Co-design cutting edge products such as selection tools, assessment matrixes, contextual case studies and frameworks in close cohesion with Centres-of-excellences (CoEs)
  • Coaching and Facilitation
    • Demonstrate effective coaching practices and role model them for District Managers for conducting selection/ on-boarding and performance management processes
    • Demonstrate effective facilitation skills and role model them for skill development of District managers and MCs/MFs
    • Develop mechanism at DIETs for efficient selection, induction and on boarding of MCs/MFs
    • Establish relationship with peers, internal stakeholders (other Business Functions and Centre of Excellence (CoE) teams) and external stakeholders (Govt officials)
  • Working in Ambiguity
    • Be open to work towards identifying key constraints in the Education department and its complexity
    • Adapt to the uncertainties and pace of work in Govt systems
  • Operational Excellence
    • Execute and support implementation and delivery of various tools/frameworks efficiently.
    • Identify best suited cadre for sourcing of middle managers by building relevant parameters
    • Build internal resource strength by influencing /enabling peers
    • Conduct selection process with expertise for developing cadre of MC/MFs/District Mangers
    • Support development of customised Products/tools to assess potential MCs/MFs, and collaboration with OPs team member and COEs
    • Participate in weekly/monthly meetings to align with govt change agendas
    • Document all the interactions and leanings gathered from the field
    • Create a communication channel to share information with key stakeholders
  • Knowledge Creation
    • Identify and implement Best Practices by drawing insights to help overcome future challenges
    • Research focused work that will add to organizational knowledge about the program.
    • Analyse short-comings and failures as opportunities to learn and build own team competencies

Required Attributes:

  • High Integrity
  • Drive for excellence and self-reflection
  • Quick learning and flexibility to adapt to new requirements
  • Ability to connect and interact with all kinds of people
  • Creative thinking


  • 2-6 years’ experience in Development/Education/ Corporate Sector
  • Experience in HR, Organizational Development, Leadership Development within academia, corporate industry, non-profits and / or government


  • Masters in any discipline, desired Human Resources and Psychology.
  • Bachelors degree holders with relevant experience will be considered.
  • Preferred specialization in HR strategy/L&D/OD/strategy/analytics/Performance Management.

Language Proficiency:

  • Proficiency in written and oral communication skills in Hindi and English.
  • Proficiency in local language will be highly preferred.


  • 10 to 12 days traveling to field will be a part of the role.
  • The person should be willing to take up responsibilities & travel frequently at short notice periods will be expected.


  • Between 3,60,000 to 5,20,000INR CTC Per Annum depending on years of experience, Expertise and performance during the selection process.

How to Apply

Application Procedure:

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