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Jobs in Azim Premji Foundation

If you are looking for a job in Indian NGO and you are well experienced and well qualified then you ...
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Jobs in Save the Children

If you are looking for Job in the Child welfare NGO then Save the Children can be the right NGO ...
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Jobs in Deepalaya

If you are looking jobs in Delhi NGO then you can find jobs in Deepalaya NGO. It is one of ...
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Find Jobs

NGO Jobs Type of Job: Looking Job in CIty/State: ...
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Gandhi Fellowship Program

The Gandhi Fellowship Program is run and manged by Kaivalya Education Foundation and Piramal Foundation. The Fellowship is two-year programme ...
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Programme Officer in ActionAid

Job Title Programme Officer- Programmes Unit, ActionAid Association Job Location Country Office, New Delhi Nature of Employment 3 Years Contract ...
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Prime Minister’s Rural Development Fellows Scheme

Ministry of Rural Development, Government of India PMRD Fellowship is an initiative of the Ministry of Rural Development (MoRD) where ...
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Administrative Officer for Jharkhand, India – World Vegetable Center

Organisation: ICRISAT Apply By: 30 Mar, 2018 Location: (Jharkhand) ICRISAT seeks applications from Indian nationals for the post of an ...
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Program Leader (Leadership Development-STP) in Piramal Foundation

Organisation: Piramal Foundation For Education Leadership Check to Apply: Location: Jharkhand, Odisha, Assam Job Location will be in any ...
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Regional Field Managers in AMS

Organisation: Academy of Management Studies (AMS) Apply By: Due Date Location: Mumbai (Maharashtra) Kolkata (West Bengal) Chennai (Tamil Nadu) Position: ...
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Coordinator – Health & Rehabilitation Services in Hyderabad

Organisation: MANASA INSTITUTE FOR CHILD HEALTH AND DISABILITY STUDIES Apply By: Due Date Location: Hyderabad (Telangana) Position Description: Provides general ...
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Jobs and Career in CRS NGO

If you are Inspired for social welfare work, Passionate to work with social organisation, Committed, dedicated to compassionate service of ...
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IndianOil Academic Scholarships

Scholars of IndianOil Educational Scholarship Scheme The Administrator of IndianOil Educational Scholarship Scheme is M/s SGM Technologies Noida For any ...
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Fellowship Programme of Azim Premji Foundation

Azim Premji Foundation's Fellowship Programm to give an educational and social sector experience to a varius kind of applicants from ...
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Welcome to the NGO Jobs Website. If you want to Job in NGO you can join Non-Profit Organisations (NGOs) and after selection, you can work there. You can find Jobs in NGO here and you can start your career in the social service sector with NGOs working for the welfare of society. You can find available Jobs and career opportunities in NGOs and Social Sector. If you looking for Job in NGO then you can find here and join Non-Profit Organisations (NGOs) as a Job for your career. If NGOs and social organisations want to provide job s then they can place their jobs here and get the information about job seekers enlisted on our websites and on other job sites we have provided links and database here. Social activists who want to do social service to society as Volunteer or as an employee you can find out available job options in Indian NGOs and jobs in International NGOs all over the world. You have to decide that what kind of Job you want to do and prefer to do in Non-Governmental Organisation.

There are thousands of NGO Job opportunities available for Job seekers and volunteers at India level and at international level. It’s up to your choice that what kind of skills, knowledge, experience and priorities you want to do as job work by associating with any NGO. The availability of Job and career in NGOs depends upon your experience that what kind of work experience and knowledge you have in the social sector. If you have work experience in the social sector then you can get the concerned jobs in NGO easily. Sometimes it depends upon the better priority of the job provider NGO among the applicants who have applied for Jobs. If you want to provide social service as a volunteer there are thousands of options available as the volunteer in India and all over the globe. Volunteering service is different from Job, as jobs in NGOs are paid but volunteering is not paid, volunteers have to do social service according to the time and available choice opportunities. Sometimes it is less paid for volunteers for transportation and other charges only.

This is a good also platform for NGOs, Profit Organisations, Social Organisations, Voluntary Organisation and other social institutions to provide opportunities for the social job seekers and volunteers who want to contribute their time for social sector as a career. NGOs can search here the candidates who want and need jobs in NGOs and provide services and jobs as per the criteria and requirements of the NGOs.

Here NGOs, job seekers, volunteers can find information about jobs in many job web portals and job websites who provide jobs and volunteering, listing, resumes and database of persons who are seeking for Jobs, career and volunteering in NGO and social sectors and listing, profile and database of NGOs who have opportunities as per requirement of persons who want to work as job and volunteering in India and abroad. So just go to the various pages that include data from the Job websites and NGO Job websites. There are some certain job websites are designed and developed specifically for NGO jobs. Where you can find your choice and options whatever you are seeking for.

The databases and opportunities provided at NGO Jobs may or may not be useful for all kind of persons and organisations. We appreciate that some NGOs and organisations are providing the information access for associations of job seekers, volunteers, NGOs and social organisations. One thing we want to make clear that the data and links provided here are from various organisations, companies, persons, groups and websites, these are not associated with us except we are providing the information that is publicly available for users. If you want to deal with any organisation, company, person or group you have to deal at your own level and decision according to terms and conditions of the website operators, jobs and opportunities providers or the candidates at your own exclusive responsibility.

We are also in process to provide the database and information directly from the NGOs and the candidates who want to work and serve for NGO and society. If you want any additional information you can email us if we find it suitable to make a reply then we can provide the response to it. Thanks. Enjoy NGO job opportunities!!!